Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ahi Dog Shops

Did Andy Warhol paint dogs too? '2 paw shaka', Ahi Dog had some time in art class! (But I'm not at a museum), it's the dog friendly chic Calvin & Susie and 'wow lau lau' there are alot of neat things in this pet store. Now Calvin & Susie may be dogs, but there are goodies for other animal friends as well. Shopping for my friend Damien (kitty) was most choice,...so many toys to choose from (squish,...squeak!), food and treats. Then it was Gus time! (dog friend), and he got a toy too (chomp, squeak!) and 'ono' good dog food. (Did you know that Calvin & Susie is a store that donates their net monies to non profit animal organizations?)...Most aloha! '2 paw shakas' Gus and Damien, hope you find forever homes soon ~ Ahi Dog loves you!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

PetWalk 2011 (Where's Ahi?)

That's what some of my PetWalk friends may have asked, but I was there. (See that table in the photo?) now spock the blue spec...two paw shaka, it's Ahi Dog! This PetWalk, different from the last PetWalk, I put on my HHS bandana and did some sock dog supervision. ('Supervision', wow, one more big word for Ahi Dog!) The task?...to make sure dog friends who stopped by our stand got 'ice cream'. Scoop, scoop, scoop! Wow, lau lau it was 'choke' dogs and ice cream! Huskies, shibas, labs, shih tzus, bull dogs, they all brought their appetites. Some shared (most aloha!) and that meant a '2 biscuit scoop',...'shakas' to Ahi supervision!
So how many scoops did Ahi Dog supervise? As a sock dog, all I can say is 'choke'! But my assistant says over 100...most 'paws up'!
A big mahalo to all our animal lover friends with big hearts who stepped out today for the Hawaiian Humane Society. And a most big Ahi mahalo to HHS who supported us being there. Always shaka, Ahi

Monday, August 1, 2011


...there's 'choke' dogs in tubs! So many clean dogs (big and small) out shopping and strolling the Tail Waggin' event and doggie wash yesterday. The folks from the Hawaiian Humane Society were busy lathering, scrubbing and rinsing. It was a furry suds fest!

There was plenty to do there for dogs, like eat free treats, sniff other just bathed dogs and watch friends do tricks. Much 'mahalo' (thank you) Pet Corner for the pet trick contest...wow lau lau, (first time ever) I saw with my own sock eyes, a dog go to sleep after his human said 'bang, bang'. Most clever!

So 'hana hou', kind folks! It's donation jar time again! Look for me with my jar, (and that anthurium) at pet events from now till the Pet Walk,...small (or big kine!) donations are 'choke' appreciated. Everything that goes in my jar, will help shelter animal friends at the Hawaiian Humane Society.
Now if you prefer high tech kine', I have something for you big hearted folks who like computers...(online donating!).
Here is my donation page: firstgiving.com/fundraiser/ahi-dog/petwalk2011

A big sock dog 'mahalo' everyone and to my friends at the Tail Waggin' event for making my Pet Walk team 'Go Ahi' official! Always 'shaka', Ahi

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I make ONE this month! And I have to tell you, being a sock dog friend helping shelter animals my first year has been 'choke' rewarding. I made many doggie friends along the way and met many people with big hearts.
Two paw 'shakas' to all my kind friends who support my philanthropy, (whew, there's that word again!), The Pet Corner, Crazy Canine, Petco Pearl City, Bark Avenue, Original Sock Dogs and the Hawaiian Humane Society. They've all been most aloha and together with your kokua, we've collected and raised $900 in my first year for shelter animal friends.

Here I am with origami messengers we collected from the kind people who attended this year's Hawaii Pet Expo. Along with their messages of support, monies collected from my jar were sent to the folks at JEARS, (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support) doing good work helping the displaced animals in Japan.
Boy did that disaster make my sock heart sore,...you guys go JEARS!
So Happy Birthday me!...(it's cheescake time). Ahi Dog loves you!
Always shaka, Ahi

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Day for Dogs and Wiener Races

I love my alarm clock...this year, (different from last year) I got my sock legs out of bed and saw them! Choke Dachshunds in the wiener races and 'wow lau lau', for little guys they go! The crowd loved it, there was alot of cheering, laughing and clapping, and then there was a winner - Winston! He was most lightning.

I made alot of new dachshund friends too, and saw some old friends like lovely Hokulani, she's always the furry fashionista in spiffy outfits, doggles and coordinated accessories. Wow, 'coordinated accessories' that is one long word for Ahi Dog!

The doggie pools were out in full force and the canine games were on! Hot dog dunking(?), 'on'; doggie agility course(?), 'you go Boo'; doggie maze(?), 'shakas' Shiba Inu Hawaii! I tell you, what a day! Then, while having me a bit of quiet time on the lawn, (my furry neighbor) sniff, sniff,...and whomp! Yelp, I am in his mouth...ooowee, everything is most blurry! Luckily his mom was there to rescue me and save me from missing sock limbs. As you can see in the photo taken just before, I would be in sock dog hospital if it weren't for her. 'Shakas Mom!'

A big paws up mahalo to the Hawaiian Humane Society and Hawaii Wiener Derby for a good fun Canine Game Day!
It's always a good day when you have your sock paws! 'Shakas', Ahi

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lions, Dragons and firecracker

Gong! Kung Hee Fut Choy everyone - there were 'choke' sights, sounds, smells, and people in Chinatown today! And 2 dogs(!)...I hope they like lion dances.
I met two hungry lions making their way down Maunakea St., eating 'lisee' (good luck money in red envelopes). Being Ahi Dog, I'd prefer eating 'chicken katsu'. I guess to dancing lions, paper tastes good.

There was also some glorious food and sweet treats! Vendors lined the streets, cooking, steaming and grilling marinated meats, noodles, dumplings,...even tacos and 'soul food' were there. But lunch for me was a heap of noodles with some very 'ono' stir fry sides.
Have you ever had 'gau'? I prefer cheesecake myself, but being it's Kung Hee Fut Choy day, I had me a piece. (Chew, Ahi Dog, chew!)
Here I am with my little friend manning the lisee booth!
Always 'shaka' 2011, Ahi

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pawty in Paradise

There's lots to be thankful for this holiday season. One of them is my friend Bobby Gorgeous. He turned 7 this month and (wow, lau lau) like his name says, he is one good looking pomeranian. (His outfit matched his cake!) Most stylish. And the food, 'choke kine' lamb, buffalo and chicken treats, glitter cookies and cake with cream cheese icing. All this we were eating while wearing pawty hats. My friend Hokulani, (the Audrey Hepburn of doggies) was there too. And buddy Frankie, chomping on ice pops...turkey cranberry, very 'ono'.

Friends, fun and a full 'opu' (belly),...time for Ahi Dog to 'kapu' (reserve) a coconut tree! 'Shaka's' Bobby!
Happy 'mahalo day' weekend everyone, Always 'shaka', Ahi