Sunday, October 2, 2011

PetWalk 2011 (Where's Ahi?)

That's what some of my PetWalk friends may have asked, but I was there. (See that table in the photo?) now spock the blue spec...two paw shaka, it's Ahi Dog! This PetWalk, different from the last PetWalk, I put on my HHS bandana and did some sock dog supervision. ('Supervision', wow, one more big word for Ahi Dog!) The task? make sure dog friends who stopped by our stand got 'ice cream'. Scoop, scoop, scoop! Wow, lau lau it was 'choke' dogs and ice cream! Huskies, shibas, labs, shih tzus, bull dogs, they all brought their appetites. Some shared (most aloha!) and that meant a '2 biscuit scoop',...'shakas' to Ahi supervision!
So how many scoops did Ahi Dog supervise? As a sock dog, all I can say is 'choke'! But my assistant says over 100...most 'paws up'!
A big mahalo to all our animal lover friends with big hearts who stepped out today for the Hawaiian Humane Society. And a most big Ahi mahalo to HHS who supported us being there. Always shaka, Ahi

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