Monday, August 1, 2011


...there's 'choke' dogs in tubs! So many clean dogs (big and small) out shopping and strolling the Tail Waggin' event and doggie wash yesterday. The folks from the Hawaiian Humane Society were busy lathering, scrubbing and rinsing. It was a furry suds fest!

There was plenty to do there for dogs, like eat free treats, sniff other just bathed dogs and watch friends do tricks. Much 'mahalo' (thank you) Pet Corner for the pet trick lau lau, (first time ever) I saw with my own sock eyes, a dog go to sleep after his human said 'bang, bang'. Most clever!

So 'hana hou', kind folks! It's donation jar time again! Look for me with my jar, (and that anthurium) at pet events from now till the Pet Walk,...small (or big kine!) donations are 'choke' appreciated. Everything that goes in my jar, will help shelter animal friends at the Hawaiian Humane Society.
Now if you prefer high tech kine', I have something for you big hearted folks who like computers...(online donating!).
Here is my donation page:

A big sock dog 'mahalo' everyone and to my friends at the Tail Waggin' event for making my Pet Walk team 'Go Ahi' official! Always 'shaka', Ahi

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