Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lions, Dragons and firecracker

Gong! Kung Hee Fut Choy everyone - there were 'choke' sights, sounds, smells, and people in Chinatown today! And 2 dogs(!)...I hope they like lion dances.
I met two hungry lions making their way down Maunakea St., eating 'lisee' (good luck money in red envelopes). Being Ahi Dog, I'd prefer eating 'chicken katsu'. I guess to dancing lions, paper tastes good.

There was also some glorious food and sweet treats! Vendors lined the streets, cooking, steaming and grilling marinated meats, noodles, dumplings,...even tacos and 'soul food' were there. But lunch for me was a heap of noodles with some very 'ono' stir fry sides.
Have you ever had 'gau'? I prefer cheesecake myself, but being it's Kung Hee Fut Choy day, I had me a piece. (Chew, Ahi Dog, chew!)
Here I am with my little friend manning the lisee booth!
Always 'shaka' 2011, Ahi

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