Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Dog Island

AKA Magic Island the rest of the year, but just for today because it's time for a Pet Walk!
Rise and shine everyone, once a year we all get together and turn this beach park into a furry friend festival...'choke' dogs as far as my sock eyes could see! My chihuahua lady friend Hana joined me for the walk and food and treats,...and did I mention games?
The nice gals at the chihuahua booth let Hana come in first so she could win a treat. How 'aloha' of them! (Peanut you're king!)
My favorite part of today is when I'm 'pau' (finished) walking, cause then it's time for a dip in the pool and eating. The nice folks at the Humane Society had the pools out for us and passed out Bbq chicken with fried rice plates (and ice teas too)! Most refreshing. I have to say though, (did our car move?) because the walk back seemed much longer. Thanks to friends, Hana and I got a lift! 'Shaka's', Ahi.

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