Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lunch Time is Here

I love you chicken katsu! Here I am at my favorite spot by the pier where I can watch the fishermen and boats, (but no 'Deadliest Catch' kine here) we're in the Pacific Ocean which means 'choke fish' like Ahi ('Tuna', that's me), Aku, Opah, and Mahi Mahi are the catch of the day.
I was glad to have dachshund friends 'Salt + Peppah' join me. They know their seasonings and except for a small kine shake from Peppah, all was good in the katsu and mac salad world. 'Shaka's' Salt + Peppah!
To top off my favorite grinds...chilled, sweet, juicy pineapple, yum! (That's me propped up on the table after the pineapple.) It's good to be Ahi Dog! So thanks for hanging 'shaka's' with me before I head out with my donation jar to the Aiea side. Next stop, Crazy Canine! Always, Ahi

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