Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weiner Races Today

Too bad I missed it. ('Auwe'!) Note to sockdog self: the weekends are not for sleeping in. I did get to hang loose with some dachshund lady friends though, like Godiva and Ellie (I'm sure they noticed my new shorts), and visit with the hot doggies who ran in the races. I don't know who the fastest weiner doggie was today, but if anyone out there does, I sure would appreciate if you could drop me a line. 'Big shaka's'!

Alot of my dog friends and their people (even a piggie on a leash) were out today and there were 'choke' things to see and do. One of my favorites was the pools the Hawaiian Humane Society put out for us. Nothing like getting your paws wet on a hot hawaiian day.
Have a 'shaka' Memorial Day weekend all!

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